Tehran Water & Wastewater measures stakeholders satisfaction

Karpira conducts one of the largest of its kind 360-degree stakeholder satisfaction measurement surveys in the country. The sample size of the survey is 3,497. It consists 403 employees, 90 regional state officials, 1,504 walk-in clients, and 1,500 door knocking questionnaire-based interviews in 14 cities and towns including Chaharbagh, Eshtehard, Fardis, Garmdarre, Hashtgerd, Karaj, Kamalshahr, Koohsar, Mahdasht, Mehrshahr, Meshkindasht, Nazarabad, Rajaishahr, and Taleghan.

Tehran Water & Wastewater Company is a government organization in charge of clean water supply and hygienic disposal of sewage of the urban districts of Tehran Province, having an area of 2,000 square kilometres.