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International Strategy

Franchising plays a prominent role in business life and is considered to be the most effective method for expansion without spending considerable capital. In this scenario, the principal owner of a successful business, known as the franchisor, basically sells the intellectual property and the rights to use his brand and business model and processes to an entrepreneur named a franchisee.

The franchisor provides the franchisee with ongoing support in business operations, marketing, and maintains a considerable degree of control over the operations, marketing and processes.

The franchisee, in return, pays the franchisor royalties based on annual sales. Licensing is a less sophisticated model where the principle exercises control over its IP but does not control the business operations of the licensee.

We believe that franchising and licensing are the most effective business models for increasing efficiency and growing in local and global markets. These models especially can work very well and provide access to new markets and opportunities, once you have the right idea, at the right time supported by sufficient fund.

We guide you through the franchise process and can develop complete franchising packages including operations, marketing, financial, and legal.