Bookcity reviews business development strategy

Karpira reviews the business development strategy of Bookcity bookstore chain. Corporate business processes, process interactions, organizational structure, and decision model are subjected to review and redesign to make the company capable to develop throughout the franchise model for development. The stakeholder analysis will be conducted to ensure that the system is capable to address key stakeholders’ expectations. Read more

Farab runs a training program on brand management

Karpira conducts an in-house training program on brand management for Farab. Senior executives participate in a 4-week modular program. The program is designed as a warm-up stage to make the company ready for the brand re-positioning strategy development project. Read more

Faran runs a training program on CRM

Karpira conducts an in-house 6-week professional development program on customer relationship management for Faran Electronics’ sales executives. The program is designed to facilitate implementing sales and marketing processes. The framework of the program is supported by studying core concepts, case studies and reviewing best practices of customer relationship management in industrial markets. Read more