PECB recognizes Karpira as an authorized partner

Karpira is recognized as an authorized partner by PECB for selling management systems certification services. It makes the company capable to perform certification audits and to assess compliance of organizations’ management systems against international standards. Read more

Café Vesal reviews service and marketing policies

Karpira reviews service and marketing communications policies and operations of Café Vesal. Business processes, as well as process interactions, are subjected to redesign to make Café Vesal capable to develop and deliver a unique customer experience. Read more

Bookcity reviews business development strategy

Karpira reviews the business development strategy of Bookcity bookstore chain. Corporate business processes, process interactions, organizational structure, and decision model are subjected to review and redesign to make the company capable to develop throughout the franchise model for development. The stakeholder analysis will be conducted to ensure that the system is capable to address key stakeholders’ expectations. Read more